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The Villa


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Owning still lush dense tropical rainforests, stretches of sandy beaches & bays, excellent modern infrastructures for both land & sea and well managed tourist attractions; it is no wonder that Naturally Langkawi is one of the foremost tourist destinations in the world, to date. Inaugurated Geopark status by UNESCO in June 2007 for having rock formations of 550 million years old, this grand dame has outshone herself offering visitors nature & adventure, sailing & yachting, water sports & big game fishing, animal rides & aquaria, historical & cultural monuments, accommodations to suit all budgets but best of all her charming, friendly islanders. Here on this island located in Pantai Tengah is yet another gem...The Villa Langkawi. Behind the modest looking wooden door acting as Main Entrance is an offering of a relaxing, intimate and delightful boutique styled resort of The Villa Langkawi. Creative touches such as vertical trellises on red walls, vibrant coloured sofas, ethnic artefacts provide the modern contemporary feel of the place whilst well thought of facilities pamper to both the body and soul.